As a Mother-Daughter duo, we've made our name in the container gardening world both in Denver and on a national level [click here].  Now that we're located in Tucson, we are more excited than ever to share our love and passion for unique container design with our new community!

Meet The Team


Sheila Schultz


Laurel Startzel 

Sheila Schultz is an award-winning Container Garden Designer whose love of plants started with two indoor gardens in her first home in the early 70’s. Cacti, succulents and tropicals were all used at one point or another to merge the inside with the outside. Her need to create ‘paintings’ with plants quickly expanded out the door.

Sheila’s style is unique in that the textural beauty of the foliage… be it from a perennial,  succulent, cactus or grass takes center stage in her designs. A splash of added color from flowers, when needed, always makes an impact.

Laurel Startzel is a residential and commercial Interior Designer with a genetically gifted passion for gardening. Merging the barrier between the indoors and out is an essential part of what Laurel does. With years of container gardening and design experience under her belt, she has really found her niche for bringing unique and timeless designs, while working hand-in-hand with Sheila to produce one-of-a-kind container designs.

Laurel is a sucker for texture and movement within container designs. She sees outdoor living as an extension of one’s home and loves to build on the unique style and preferences of her clients, taking her designs above and beyond their expectations.